an elegant music player

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Mix to the max

Build, import, export, search, sort, and rearrange playlists with ease. A centralized queue makes it easy to mix and match songs from any of your playlists on the fly and even save your new mixes as playlists.

Play anything, anywhere

Support for a cornucopia of formats means that even the most exotic music collection poses no problems. Even better, Minuet can play audio through any device independent of system output.

Made for your Mac

Designed to look, feel, and act exactly as you'd expect a Mac application to, Minuet will feel right at home on your Mac.

Always in control

Control Minuet and its queue through menubar controls, custom global hotkeys, or Dock icon.

Light as a feather

Developed with responsiveness and low resource usage in mind, Minuet lets you save RAM for the things that need it most.

Audibly awesome

Powered by Core Audio, Minuet delivers crystal clear audio with an optional 10-band equalizer.